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Uptown at Lake Oswego

Uptown at Lake Oswego

The Property:
Uptown at Lake Oswego is a 47-unit community built in two phases in 1955 and 1987. Both phases were  renovated by its previous owner between 2012-2015 . The property was fully stabilized at time of sale.  The Uptown at Lake Oswego has a prime location in the city’s quaint downtown business district.  With a completed value add, the property was marketed as a cash flow opportunity.

Opportunities and Challenges: The owner had purchased this property through HFO two years earlier in order to complete property upgrades and bring rents to market.  With the value-add complete, the owner was looking to exchange out of the property.  HFO reached out to investors in its network seeking properties requiring low maintenance with good cash flow.    

Results: HFO was able to locate a buyer seeking to exchange up. Pricing and terms were adjusted to accommodate both parties.

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