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Emily  Huttenhower
Fax: (503) 241.5548

Emily Huttenhower

Client Services Coordinator

Emily is a dedicated Client Services Coordinator with a passion for delivering exceptional service and building long-term relationships with clients in the commercial real estate industry. Prior to joining HFO, Emily worked at CBRE on the National Partners team. Drawing from her valuable experience at CBRE, Emily brings a wealth of expertise to her role at HFO. Emily's journey in the industry began with her graduation from Texas State University, where she earned a BA in Communications, equipping her with the skills necessary for effective communication and collaboration in the real estate realm.

Emily is intrigued by the dynamic nature of the industry. She finds immense satisfaction in the opportunity to make a tangible impact on communities by facilitating transactions that shape neighborhoods and enhance livelihoods. What Emily enjoys most about her job is the opportunity to collaborate with diverse stakeholders and problem-solve in a fast-paced environment. Emily's journey into commercial real estate was driven by a desire to merge her passion for communication and organization with her fascination for the built environment. She was drawn to the multifaceted nature of the industry, where every day presents new opportunities for growth and innovation.