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HFO Marketing Director Pens Memoir

January 18, 2016

In honor of National Mentoring Month, marketing director Aaron Kirk Douglas' memoir was published this month by Newsworthy Books. 

Growing Up Twice

Douglas' first book recounts his experience mentoring through Big Brothers/Big Sisters Columbia Northwest, where he serves on the Board of Directors. 

Kirkus Reviews gave the book an incredible review, which reads in part:

“Douglas intersperses flashbacks to the 1970s throughout the Big Brother narrative and relates chilling tales of growing up gay in a strict, religious home. He also relates the story of Russell, his childhood friend and de facto bodyguard in school—a heroic figure who unfortunately descended into a life of crime. Douglas’ book does a beautiful job of connecting the past to the present, particularly in the sections that depict his blossoming relationship with his parents as they aged.

“His memories of being a gay teenager in the ’70s are also full of engaging personalities, sometimes monstrous and sometimes beautiful, which make the story hard to walk away from. As Rico grew up and Douglas’ involvement increased, the author broke a few Big Brother rules, particularly when he helped Rico out financially. Even so, Douglas’ compelling story moves toward a conclusion that’s a genuine testament to his tireless dedication to his Little Brother.

“A moving memoir about struggling to form personal relationships in turbulent environments. – Kirkus Reviews

Click here to see the book on Amazon – Softcover and e-Book are available. 

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