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The Corso

Portland , Oregon 97219
46 units | $8,350,000

The Corso is a newly built apartment property with 46 apartments fronting North Interstate Avenue. Click here to visit the portfolio's microsite.
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Aspen Village

Spokane Valley , Washington 99037
162 units | $12,300,000

Aspen Village offers large apartments and extensive unit and common area amenities not found at surrounding properties. The property has been extremely well-maintained.
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Spokane Portfolio

Spokane , Washington 99223
162 units | $10,500,000

The Spokane Portfolio is a two-property portfolio totaling 162 units. The 104-unit Cedar Hollow and 58-unit Cedar Willow. For details on this listing and to download an offering memorandum, click here to visit the portfo..
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Village Fair Apartments

Bremerton , Washington 98311
120 units | $8,700,000

Village Fair is a 120-unit asset nestled amongst mature fir trees in Bremerton, just south of Silverdale. Village Fair benefits from its proximity to Silverdale's healthcare industry as well as Bremerton's milita..
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New Price! Ridgestone Apartments

Spokane Valley , Washington 99206
103 units | $7,250,000

Ridgestone benefits from a unique location and a significant value-add opportunity. There are few competing apartments nearby. Units that have been upgraded are receiving premium rents.
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HFO is a commercial real estate brokerage firm with a focus exclusively on apartment properties in Oregon and Washington. Our multi-family brokerage provides a national selling platform with a unique insider’s knowledge of these local apartment markets. HFO has brokered more than 14,670 units valued at over $1.04 billion and consistently represents the largest market share of all broker-represented buyers and sellers engaging in transactions involving 10 units or more. Put our team of experts to work for you today! Call 503-241-5541.

HFO’s multifamily apartment buildings for sale Recent Multifamily Transactions in Oregon and SW Washington by HFO

  • Rosewood Station
    Portland, Oregon

  • Aspen Village
    Spokane Valley, Washington

  • New Price! Ridgestone Apartments
    Spokane Valley, Washington


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Now Listed! The Corso Apartments - $8.35M
HFO is pleased to announce the exclusive listing of The Corso Apartments. This newly constructed 46-unit apartment building is located adjacent to MAX Light Rail. Click here to visit this...
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HFO was founded in 1999 in order to provide apartment investors with better brokerage services. Since 2005 CoStar has consistently ranked HFO among Oregon’s top 10 commercial real estate brokerage firms for sales volume.

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