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Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - February 19, 2018
This week: the Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability released a 12-month study of Portland's Inclusionary Housing requirement, recommending that the city modify the policy; the Portland Business Journal ranked the top 35 elementary schools in Oregon and SW Washington; and developers of low-income housing are trying to make up for funding shortfalls resulting from the corporate tax cut.
Duration: 11:23
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - February 12, 2018
This week: Jobs are up in Oregon and employment gains are expected across all industries in 2018; more than 3,500 people responded to the City of Portland's call for comments on the Residential Infill Project; Metro is planning for two upcoming bond measures for affordable housing and transportation projects.
Duration: 11:19
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - February 5, 2018
This week: Portland mayor Ted Wheeler will introduce incentives next month in an attempt to offset the stagnant response to Portland's year-old inclusionary zoning requirement; Oregon companies go on a hiring spree; and apartment rents increased again last year with west coast cites leading the pack.
Duration: 11:27
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - January 29, 2018
This week: there's a controversy brewing over heights of new buildings in downtown Portland; a new report ranks Portland's rents as the 20th highest in the nation; and leaked White House "infrastructure plans" call for a 50% reduction in the federal reimbursement rate for new projects.
Duration: 11:05
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - January 22, 2018
This week: in Washington State there’s a new legislative proposal to end the state ban on rent control; in Portland, the topic of just how tall new buildings should be; and if Seattle can build 1,400 affordable housing units for $100 million, why does Portland need $258 million for just 1,300 units? We explain.
Duration: 12:30
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - January 15, 2018
This week: Portland-area real estate professionals weigh in on how the new tax law will impact the commercial real estate industry; the Historic Landmarks Commission and neighborhood residents are pushing back on a low-income housing project being proposed in the Historic Alphabet District; two moving companies confirm that Oregon is still a top moving destination - the state added 65,000 people last year.
Duration: 12:20
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - December 18, 2017
This week: Cities across the country are looking to retain millennials by adding duplexes, triplexes, rowhouses and other medium-density housing options that serve the middle class and keep them from being forced out; a local expert says Portland's MSA needs 30,000 more housing units each year to keep up--something builders are saying is impossible due to development fees and permit timelines. Marketwatch returns January 15th.
Duration: 12:13
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - December 11, 2017
This week: Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development approves the City of Portland's 2035 Comprehensive Plan as at least one neighborhood readies its appeal; Portland Housing Bureau director Kurt Creager gets ousted by Mayor Ted Wheeler; the City of Portland buys 240 planned affordable housing units at $285-thousand dollars each.
Duration: 10:50
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - December 4, 2017
This week: City audit of its Prosper Portland department uncovers financial mismanagement; Oregon's population grows at a record level for the second straight year; Congressional Republicans' tax plan could throw a wrench into plans for thousands of affordable housing units in Oregon.
Duration: 10:20
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - November 20, 2017
This week: A major Portland homebuilder announced he will no longer build in the city due to excessive permitting times; Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler calls on the business community to help with homelessness; businesses complain city bureaucrats won't work with them.
Duration: 08:55
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - November 13, 2017
This week: Metro regional government releases a report concluding that Portland lacks adequate affordable housing; Bend considers ways to assist renters and affordable housing advocates speak out about the loss of specialized bonds that could eliminate construction of hundreds of thousands of affordable housing units.
Duration: 09:27
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - November 6, 2017
This week: Rents in Portland have fallen slightly, mostly for high-end units close to downtown; Bend renters are finding more options as several new multifamily housing communities open; a new study of rent control in San Francisco by a trio of Sanford economists documents how the policy has failed. Those stories and more in this week's Multifamily Marketwatch.
Duration: 10:05
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - October 30, 2017
This week: Want to live in the nation's best place for business and careers in 2017? If you live in Portland, Forbes says to stay put; more "for rent" signs are cropping up on lawns these days and the Washington Post says affordable housing stock has dropped 60% since 2010.
Duration: 08:44
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - October 24, 2017
This Week: Portland City Commissioner Chloe Eudaly stops strict enforcement of code restrictions against sleeping in RVs and tiny houses built on private property without a permit; Portland State University reports that wages in Portland are rising, and housing prices are increasing at a slower rate.
Duration: 08:11
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - October 17, 2017
This week: a Portland Landlord slams Commissioner Eudaly for violating City of Portland social media policy and blocking him from her public Facebook page; the Portland Tribune reports that more than 15% of the cost of new apartment buildings comes from City of Portland fees and development charges.
Duration: 08:46
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - October 10, 2017
This week: Chloe Eudaly's First Right of Refusal ordinance for renters would likely apply to all types of rental housing; Portland developers propose to build up to 2,500 units on Portland's waterfront, including 500 affordable units, in exchange for increased height limits.
Duration: 09:58
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - October 3, 2017
This week: Portland Commissioner Chloe Eudaly wants to give tenants first right of refusal to buy apartment buildings before they hit the market, and Mayor Ted Wheeler will ask for an 18-month extension of Portland's housing emergency -- this time requiring agencies to figure out when to end it.
Duration: 10:26
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - September 26, 2017
This week: The Tribune turns a spotlight to the City of Portland's dysfunction; hurricane disasters could result in a construction slowdown due to scarcity of workers and increasing materials costs; and six months in -- the inclusionary zoning requirement's impact on apartment construction applications in the City of Portland.
Duration: 10:24
Multifamily Marketwatch Special
In an interview with HFO partner Greg Frick, Multifamily NW spokesman John McIsaac relates the bureaucratic difficulties facing developers in the City of Portland. Estimates are that 50,000 new apartments will be needed by 2030 to accommodate the nearly 100 people moving to the city every day.
Duration: 12:01
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - September 17, 2017
This week: the Metro council considers new taxes to help pay for affordable housing outside the city limits of Portland; The U.S. Census reports Oregon's median household income rose 6.2% in 2016, after decades of trailing the rest of the United States.
Duration: 09:34
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - September 12, 2017
This week: The Portland Unreinforced Masonry Policy Committee holds a final public meeting October 4th and then heads to City Council; Vacancy rates for studios and one-bedroom units are increasing; national economics professors argue that restrictive land use policies are adding drag to the national economy.
Duration: 10:39
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - Sept. 6, 2017
This week: lender to the rescue for Portland's pending seismic upgrade requirement? Cap rates continue to decline despite an increase in interest rates.
Duration: 08:20
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - August 15, 2017
This week: The City of Portland considers special tax breaks for projects approved before inclusionary zoning took effect; Mayor Ted Wheeler criticized for lack of action on affordable housing initiatives; and Portland's relatively low rent-to-income cost average.
Duration: 07:23
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - August 9, 2017
In this week's news: REIS announces the national vacancy rate; streamlining Portland's design review; affordable housing bill proposed in U.S. Senate.
Duration: 06:36
Multifamily Marketwatch Special
In an interview with HFO partner Greg Frick, Portland attorney Andy Hahs discusses the 2017 legislative session and Portland's relocation assistance program, which is likely to be modified and extended this year by Portland's City Council.
Duration: 23:45
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - August 1, 2017
This week: housing shortage to possibly worsen by 2030; developers underbuilding to avoid Portland IZ rules; Clark County tax appeals due 8/7.
Duration: 08:08
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - July 25, 2017
This Week: Low unemployment and lack of construction workers; city of Portland plans to renew the relocation assistance program this October.
Duration: 07:49
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - July 18, 2017
This week: Portland's relocation ordinance revisions; water bills to increase; for whom the driving tolls (it tolls for thee).
Duration: 07:18
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - July 11, 2017
Rent control remains banned in Oregon -- for now; City of Portland relocation fee ordinance withstands legal challenge.
Duration: 05:01
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - June 27, 2017
This week: Sen. Rod Monroe offers amendments to HB 2004; Laurelhurst fights to keep out the housing crisis; Chloe Eudaly criticizes landlords and developers
Duration: 07:02
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - June 20, 2017
This week: It's the economy -- higher interest rates, Oregon unemployment reaches a new record low and Amazon will create 1,500 new jobs in Troutdale by next summer.
Duration: 06:30
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - June 13, 2017
This week: Lawmakers in Oregon and Washington consider real estate tax increases; Oregon's rent control saga; Amazon to bring 1,500 new jobs to Troutdale; wages vs. rent; and across the country - slowing rent growth.
Duration: 06:44
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - June 6, 2017
This week: Rent control appears dead in Oregon legislature (but is it?), second bill requiring local governments to allow duplexes, ADUs and small multifamily projects in single family neighborhoods may be moving forward.
Duration: 05:11
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - May 24, 2017
This week: Portland's budget, school district levy, Oregon's robust economy, and where, oh where are the inclusionary zoning projects? We return after Memorial Day on June 6th.
Duration: 05:53
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - May 16, 2017
This week: Portland Mayor says housing trumps need for parking; conflict continues in the Eastmoreland neighborhood and the Portland Development Commission is now Prosper Portland. Our podcast returns next Weds 5/24.
Duration: 07:42
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - May 9, 2017
In this episode: newspapers worldwide reporting on Oregon's battle over rent control; a zoning bill in Salem causes uproar in Multnomah Village and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler proposes financial support for a Portland startup website to help renters.
Duration: 05:07
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - May 2, 2017
In this week's episode: Oregon economist Josh Lehner says he expects homeownership to grow relative to renting in the years ahead; a new expert report says inclusionary zoning has a near zero effect on increasing affordable housing.
Duration: 06:41
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - April 25, 2017
This week: Oregon's jobless rate reaches historic low; Metro mulls process changes for expanding urban growth boundary; apartment projects in downtown Vancouver, Washington.
Duration: 06:12
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - April 18, 2017
In this episode: the release of Multifamily Northwest's apartment report for greater Portland; a surge in the number of homes for sale in Portland, and the Portland Tribune weights in on pending rent control legislation.
Duration: 06:45
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - April 11, 2017
In this episode: status of Oregon House Bill 2004-A allowing rent control, Portland's new committee oversight on affordable housing, and a new 220-unit apartment building slated for the South side of the Burnside Bridgehead.
Duration: 05:23
Multifamily Marketwatch - April 4, 2017
In the headlines this week: Oregon House Bill 2004-A allowing rent control and ending no-cause evictions moves out of committee; Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler plans a new city department to license and monitor landlords; news outlets reporting that some recent market data shows rents starting to flatten in Portland.
Duration: 06:17
Multifamily Marketwatch - March 28, 2017
In this episode, we discuss the latest news and stories of interest to owners of multifamily property and rentals in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington metro area.
Duration: 06:23
Multifamily Marketwatch - March 14, 2017
Two apartment buildings in Portland's Sellwood and Moreland neighborhoods become the first proposed under the city's new inclusionary zoning law.
Duration: 03:56
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - March 7, 2017
Oregon legislators hold first public hearings relating to rent control at the state capitol.
Duration: 03:23
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - February 28, 2017
HFO begins its weekly Multifamily Marketwatch podcast. Portland landlords take their case against City Hall to Federal Court.
Duration: 05:39