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Rental Reduction: Illegal AirBNBs Expected to Eliminate 1,500 Rentals

AirBNB has admitted it's the reason rentals have been reduced by at least 1,400 in Portland. There are probably more, but the city isn't doing much to enforce regulations on the industry. Read...

Report: Oregon Has Underproduced Housing by 155,000 Units Since 2000

A new report issued by Up for Growth and ECONorthwest finds that Oregon has underproduced new housing by approximately 155,000 units since 2000, despite robust construction activity over the past few...

Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - October 22, 2018

This week: Will Oregon's record low unemployment rate and increased hiring plans by employers put upward pressure on wages? The Portland metro area apartment vacancy rate remains relatively flat from...

HFO Recognized by the Portland Business Journal as a Top Corporate Philanthropist

At yesterday's Corporate Philanthropy awards event, HFO ranked among the largest cash donors to charity in its size category. Marketing Director Aaron Kirk Douglas accepted the award from...

Opinion: Let's Not Save Land Next to Rail Line to Bridgeport Village for Mansions

Do we really need giant houses along a future light rail line that will cost local residents at least $1 billion? In a recently published article for the Sightline Institute Author Michael Anderson...


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