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HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - Washington - September 18, 2023
HFO founding partner Greg Frick welcomes Brad Kraus, a landlord-tenant lawyer, to discuss the state of Washington's landlord-tenant laws. Brad discusses eviction actions, security deposit obligations, and the impact of the CARES Act issue on Washington eviction notification.
Duration: 12:26
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch Oregon | The Urban-Suburban Rental Market Gap: How Portland and Vancouver Compare
This week, Mike Pierce, the Senior Research Analyst at HFO, provides an overview of the apartment market in Portland and Vancouver, including the widening gap between urban and suburban rental markets during the pandemic. HFO’s podcasts are sponsored J.R. Johnson, specialists in multifamily restoration and repair, and by Gantry Inc., the country’s largest independent mortgage banking firm focused exclusively on commercial real estate.
Duration: 07:15
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - Washington - September 4, 2023
HFO Director of Client Services Aaron Kirk Douglas welcomes Carl Whitaker, director of research and analysis at RealPage, Inc., to discuss the market Washington state multifamily market. Aaron and Carl delve into the impact of tech sector employment and AI hires on Seattle's rental market, the strong performance of suburban submarkets, increasing occupancy--despite slowed rent growth-- and the strength of the Spokane market.
Duration: 08:41
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch Oregon: Making Sense of the Downtown Office Space Dilemma
In this episode, HFO Senior Research Analyst Mike Pierce discusses the challenges faced by downtown office building owners and landlords due to higher vacancies. The episode explores the idea of converting these vacant spaces into residential or mixed-use properties, and the value in keeping downtown office spaces as-is and encouraging professional services and businesses to lease them while repurposing older suburban office buildings for housing. We also explore the different investment behaviors of institutional and private investors in the real estate market, as well as the impact of pandemic-related migration on Multnomah County's income and tax revenue. HFO’s podcasts are sponsored J.R. Johnson, specialists in multifamily restoration and repair, and by Gantry Inc., the country’s largest independent mortgage banking firm focused exclusively on commercial real estate.
Duration: 09:47
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - Oregon - August 14, 2023
In the latest HFO-TV episode, Aaron Kirk Douglas interviews market analyst Carl Whitaker from RealPage Inc. Whitaker shares insights into Portland's real estate market, noting a less pronounced seasonal rent swing and lower retention rates than other West Coast cities. Looking forward to 2023 and 2024, he predicts a slowing rent growth and potential challenges in the tech-driven economy, particularly in chip manufacturing. The episode also touches on the performance of smaller markets, such as Salem, Eugene, and Corvallis, highlighting their steady growth influenced by state-funded schools. HFO’s podcasts are sponsored J.R. Johnson, specialists in multifamily restoration and repair, and by Gantry Inc., the country’s largest independent mortgage banking firm focused exclusively on commercial real estate. Quick LinksGet Embed PlayerShare on SocialDownload Audio File
Duration: 08:54
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - Washington - August 21, 2023
In this episode, Greg Frick, partner at HFO Investment Real Estate, welcomes Quinn Posner, founder and lawyer at Northwest Landlord Solutions, to discuss legislative changes in landlord-tenant law in Clark County and Washington. They cover the impact of COVID-19 on the industry, changes in eviction processes, rental assistance programs, the lack of state preemption leading to different rules in different areas, and the need for landlords to stay updated on the constant changes in landlord-tenant laws to avoid legal troubles.
Duration: 24:37
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - Washington - August 7, 2023
In this episode: Washington State rent growth trends, the question of whether Seattle's new energy codes are leading to a drop in permit applications, and renters rights groups rattling city councils in Seattle and Tacoma.
Duration: 10:40
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - Oregon - July 31, 2023
This Week: • Housing production slows in West Coast cities; What’s happening in PDX? • Bend vacancy rate may be on the rise • Update on the Q2 Multifamily Market HFO’s podcasts are sponsored J.R. Johnson, specialists in multifamily restoration and repair, and by Gantry Inc., the country’s largest independent mortgage banking firm focused exclusively on commercial real estate.
Duration: 08:15
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - Washington - July 24, 2023
In this podcast episode, we cover significant developments affecting the multifamily housing sector in Washington State: (1) The Federal Housing Administration's raising the threshold for large multifamily loans, potentially expanding property eligibility for standard underwriting. (2) Despite concerns about a hard landing, demand for apartments remained strong, and the state is making a historic investment in affordable housing projects. (3) Although still alive, Seattle's proposed rent control bill faces challenges. PLUS! We also cover the affluent renter demographic in Seattle and slowing apartment production. Stay tuned next month for expert insights on state eviction processes and security deposits.
Duration: 06:37
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - Oregon - July 17, 2023
This Week: Oregon Senate Bill 611: New restrictions on rent increases Multifamily forecast for the rest of 2023 Portland apartment construction surges, but the rebound may be brief HFO’s podcasts are sponsored J.R. Johnson, specialists in multifamily restoration and repair, and by Gantry Inc., the country’s largest independent mortgage banking firm focused exclusively on commercial real estate.
Duration: 06:02
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - Washington - July 10, 2023
This week: Eviction moratoria continue expiring, relieving distraught landlords; national rental rates remain flat, and The Urbanist asks: How many new homes could be created with denser housing limits near transit? The answer may surprise you.
Duration: 07:02
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - Oregon - July 3, 2023
This week: The Runaway Cost of Portland's Affordable Housing, Multi-Family insurance costs rising, and Should you allow Airbnb rentals at your property?
Duration: 08:00
Multifamily Marketwatch - Washington - June 26, 2023
Among this week's stories: Seattle City Council member Alex Pederson proposes adding $5-8k per unit in housing impact fees, estimating the fees will raise $200-$760 million in the next 10 years for infrastructure.
Duration: 09:16
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - Washington Edition - June 12, 2023
Reports on CMBS loan delinquencies, rising national insurance rates, and the latest land sale demonstrating that developers are bullish on Bellevue.
Duration: 08:46
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - June 5, 2023
This week: Discussing Multifamily housing occupancy in Portland $1 trillion-plus of multifamily debt will mature by 2027 Multifamily sales drop 74% YOY HFO’s podcasts are sponsored J.R. Johnson, specialists in multifamily restoration and repair, and by Gantry Inc, the country’s largest independent mortgage banking firm focused exclusively on commercial real estate.
Duration: 06:59
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - Washington - May 29, 2023
Seattle is #1 in the US for population growth, and tech jobs are growing as well, focusing on A.I. and Blockchain; the state building code council delays new rules banning natural gas for heat in new commercial and residential construction.
Duration: 14:04
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - May 22, 2023
In this episode: A quick update on the national multifamily market The growing buzz around converting offices to apartments A round-up of the May Oregon ballot measures and their impacts on multifamily investment
Duration: 05:33
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - May 15, 2023
Governor Jay Inslee touts housing bills, $1 billion in housing spending National and regional rent growth forecasts for 2023 A roundup of recent multifamily transactions in the Puget Sound region
Duration: 10:58
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - May 8, 2023
In this episode, we discuss how Measure 26-238 would introduce a 0.75% capital gains tax in Multnomah County and how it could affect the multifamily industry. HFO’s podcasts are sponsored by J.R. Johnson, specialists in restoration and emergency repair work for multifamily properties, and Gantry Inc, the country’s largest independent mortgage banking firm focused exclusively on commercial real estate.
Duration: 06:53
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - May 1, 2023
In this episode: A final wrap-up of housing industry legislation of interest to multifamily owners and developers in Washington State A roundup of development and transaction news from around the state A new tenant rights group has formed in Whatcom County, threatening lawsuits and legislative initiatives
Duration: 09:26
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - April 24, 2023
The big stories from this past week: Developers Say Building in Portland Has Become Unaffordable Lee Fehrenbacher, HFO Senior Broker: Portland Multifamily Investors Are Voting With Their Money
Duration: 06:44
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - April 17, 2023
A roundup of final housing bills moving through the state legislature and likely to become law are featured in this special editition of HFO Multifamily Marketwatch for Oregon and SW Washington. For ongoing Washington-specific industry updates, be sure to subscribe to HFO's Washington Multifamily Marketwatch.
Duration: 09:11
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - April 10, 2023
The big stories from this past week: 1 What House Bill 2001 means for multifamily owners in Oregon 2 Fraudulent accommodation requests for assistance animals is a growing problem 3 State of multifamily in Q1 2023
Duration: 07:10
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - April 3, 2023
A special update on the status of pending legislation of interest to multifamily owners and management companies in Washington State.
Duration: 13:54
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - March 27, 2023
The big stories from this week: Office-to-multifamily conversions Key points from Portland multifamily reporting in Feb 2023 AI effects on the multifamily industry
Duration: 07:23
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - March 14, 2023
The big stories from this week: Multifamily and Silicon Valley & Signature bank collapses Why you should focus on tenant retention in 2023 Multifamily construction outpaces demand in Portland
Duration: 08:57
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - March 5, 2023
This episode offers the very latest on bills at play in the Washington State Legislature. Bills need to be moved out of their house of origin by 5 pm Wednesday, March 8th.
Duration: 10:03
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - February 27, 2023
The big stories from this past week: Multifamily is evolving in 2023 Portland requires mixed-use use buildings to have EV charging Transforming office to Multifamily
Duration: 07:33
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - February 19, 2023
Controversial legislation heats up in the Washington State legislature; a roundup of announced multifamily projects; plus the latest on Portland's EV charging mandate.
Duration: 08:32
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - February 13, 2023
This week, HFO Investment Real Estate's research analysts dig into: Investing in multifamily in 2023 Multifamily housing rents flat in January, developers remain optimistic Transforming multifamily properties for an aging population
Duration: 06:17
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - February 5, 2023
Highlights of bills currently pending in the Washington State Legislature and their impact on multifamily owners and developers are featured.
Duration: 09:22
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch – January 30, 2023
This week, HFO Investment Real Estate's research analysts dig into: Apartment sales volume drops 17% in 2022 Will multifamily have a soft landing in 2023? Multifamily starts up in 2022 to highest levels the since '80s Labor, material, and land prices may ease in 2023
Duration: 06:09
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch – January 16, 2023
This week: MBA Projects Drop in Multifamily Mortgage Financing in 2023, Strong Rebound in 2024 Fourth-Quarter Property Sales Post Worst Slowdown Since the Great Recession Despite Interest Rates, Multifamily Lending Continued to Grow in 2022
Duration: 06:59
HFO Washington Multifamily Marketwatch - Interview: Washington State's Lieutenant Governor Denny Heck on Washington's Housing Crisis and the 2023 Legislative Session
Duration: 21:37
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch – December 12, 2022
This week: Leasing remains soft, as rents continue to fall, small signs point to increasing delinquency rates, and apartment transactions are falling.
Duration: 05:41
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - Interview: Executive Director Andrea Bell on Oregon Housing & Community Services'​ "Audacious and Appropriate"​ Proposed Budget
HFO founding partner and broker Greg Frick talks to Andrea Bell, executive director of Oregon Housing & Community Services (OHCS), about the agency's 2023 legislative agenda and the "audacious and appropriate" proposed budget that is the largest request in OHCS history.
Duration: 30:34
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch – November 14, 2022
This week: The multifamily construction boom is fading, Fannie and Freddie buy fewer multifamily loans as property sales fall, Voters say YES to affordable housing, and apartment sales in brisk quarter for Portland, Oregon.
Duration: 07:18
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch – October 31st, 2022
This week: Rents remain flat in September, will there be a recession Q4 2022?, and U.S. apartment sales outpace last year despite higher interest rates.
Duration: 05:24
Special Edition: Washington Multifamily Marketwatch
Subscribers to HFO Multifamily Marketwatch can subscribe now to our Washington Multifamily Marketwatch on all podcast markets.
Duration: 12:40
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - Interview: Catie Gould, Climate & Transportation Researcher, Discusses the History & Future of Parking Mandates
Duration: 16:25
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - Interview: Author Nolan Gray Explains Zoning's History as a Barrier to Affordable Housing
This month on HFO-TV, we spoke to Nolan Gray, research director for California YIMBY and author of Arbitrary Lines: How Zoning Broke the American City and How to Fix It. Nolan joins HFO Broker Aaron Kirk Douglas to discuss his new book and the history and role of zoning in where we live and work. Find Arbitrary Lines on Amazon or the publisher's website,
Duration: 12:16
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - Interview: Oriana Magnera on Heat Response Programs & Cooling Devices in Oregon Apartments
This week on HFO-TV, we spoke to Oriana Magnera, nonprofit Verde’s Energy, Climate, Transportation Program Manager, about the resources available to landlords through Oregon's new heat-response programs. These programs are the result of legislation that went into effect following the heatwave that occurred in the Pacific Northwest in 2021, when extreme temperatures caused the deaths of more than 100 people in June and July. Listen to the interview here and learn more about Verde's resources for landlords and residents at Verde ( And check out our blog post on the impacts of bipartisan Emergency Heat Relief bill SB 1536, which became effective on March 24, 2022.
Duration: 21:23
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch – September 19th, 2022
This week: How the Inflation Reduction Act will affect the multifamily sector, Oregon max rent increase for 2023 explained, Multifamily rent growth stalls in August 2022.
Duration: 06:43
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch – September 6th, 2022
This week: We explore why single-family built-for-rent construction is surging, and consider what the rest of the year holds for multifamily on a national level, and why the Portland multifamily market is well-positioned for the rest of 2022.
Duration: 08:15
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch – August 22, 2022
This week: Rising Interest rates are putting apartment refinancing at risk. How is Portland Downtown's recovery going vs. other cities? Highlights from a new Freddie Mac Multifamily Report.
Duration: 06:26
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - August 8, 2022
This week: How will Multifamily fare in a recession? How much does it cost to replace resident? As the loss of affordable housing grows, how will the U.S. get 4.3 million apartments by 2035?
Duration: 07:06
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - July 25, 2022
This week: Multifamily housing construction looking strong for Q322, Portland-area investment is up, along with multifamily sales, and why multifamily is your best bet to sustain during economic turbulence.
Duration: 04:32
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - July 11, 2022
This week: Portland building permit reviews even slower, but progress has been made. Property sales and price gains slow as investors look again at urban markets, and what does it mean for multifamily when rent growth and property values outpace inflation?
Duration: 05:15
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - June 27, 2022
This week: Eight Oregon metros prepare to eliminate minimum parking requirements for homes and businesses in an effort to achieve climate-related goals, what kind of return could you expect if you converted your property to Affordable housing, and the effects of rising interest rates on apartment building owners and renters.
Duration: 07:50
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - June 13, 2022
This week: Portland widens development in single-family zones, the U.S. saw the lowest nationwide quarterly rental vacancy rate since 2000, renters are staying in their apartments longer and paying more, and HFO named a CoStar Power Broker 16th time in its 22-year history.
Duration: 05:11
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - May 31, 2022
This week: Rising interest rates and purchase prices are reducing return rates for apartment investors, multifamily sentiment faced downward pressure in the first quarter as high construction costs took a toll on developers, and Multnomah County's program incentivizing landlords to rent vacant units to homeless Portlanders has garnered interest from 54 landlords who have offered a total of 374 units.
Duration: 04:49
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - May 23, 2022
This week: Apartment construction, investment, and leasing across the United States hit record highs in Q1, Gen Z is surpassing millennials as the largest renter cohort dominating the multifamily market, and the Portland metro lost a total of 6,417 single-family home rentals between 2015-2020.
Duration: 05:38
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - May 16, 2022
This week: Yardi reports continued strong apartment market performance despite national economic hiccups, Portland rents are up, but not as much as rest of state, and Washington is the first state to require all electric heating in new buildings
Duration: 05:51
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - May 9, 2022
Duration: 06:45
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - May 2, 2022
Duration: 04:29
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - April 25, 2022
This week: No matter who you ask, rents in Portland are up, developers are considering converting retail centers to multifamily, and an update on the Portland and Seattle development pipeline.
Duration: 06:10
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - April 11, 2022
This week: Portland lost nearly 4,000 single-family rental homes from 2015-to 2020; multifamily draws global capital, and Seattle is among the top markets for commercial real estate investment.
Duration: 05:40
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - April 4, 2022
This week: what rising interest rates mean for apartment cap rates, and LEED Multifamily properties are earning higher rents.
Duration: 06:01
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - March 28, 2022
Duration: 08:02
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch – March 21, 2022
This week: US builders and effect of Ukraine War; Portland Multifamily Report; National Trends in Multifamily
Duration: 05:50
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - March 14, 2022
This week: Portland’s apartment pipeline plunges, and a look at whether cities are still the hot spot for rent growth.
Duration: 08:18
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - March 7, 2022
This week: Moratoriums are over, Oregon renters now face eviction, and Portland’s rents increased among the fastest in the U.S.
Duration: 05:49
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - February 28, 2022
Oregon and Seattle Washington eviction moratoriums come to an end, and Multifamily builder confidence finishes out 2021 on a high note.
Duration: 05:04
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - February 21, 2022
This week: Public pension funds allocated to real estate reach a new high, and a new poll shows large multifamily investors are reluctant to build housing in states or markets with rent control.
Duration: 06:38
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - February 14, 2022
This week: U.S. Housing costs surge with no end in sight, the Oregon Secretary of State's audit division plans to review how the state has handled rental assistance funds, and the Washington State legislature is considering requiring landlords to provide six months' notice of any rent increases above 7.5%.
Duration: 07:09
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - February 7, 2022
We have year-over-year rent growth updates that reflect an easing off in the current surge in rents, and we take a look at what will drive multifamily construction this year.
Duration: 07:25
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - 01-31-2022
This week: Portland metro's 2021 Multifamily sales reach an all-time record; highlights of the latest Harvard University Rental Housing Report, and a look at what’s ahead for multifamily lending.
Duration: 06:13
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - January 24, 2022
This week: Rent prices turn a corner as rent growth slows; what to look for in this year's multifamily market, and a Central Oregon update.
Duration: 07:01
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch January 17, 2022
This week: record low vacancies in the multifamily market expected to continue in 2022; Freddie Mac forecasts continued growth in multifamily, and HFO has joined with 10 other offices to form Global Real Estate Advisors.
Duration: 07:22
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - January 10, 2022
This week: an update on the distribution of rental assistance in Oregon, a multifamily market update for Puget sound, and the 2021 United Van Lines moving survey results.
Duration: 06:47
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch – January 5th, 2022
This week we are proud to present John Mitchell talking about the commercial real estate market in 2022 from the HFO 2022 Roundtable.
Duration: 41:59
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - December 20, 2021
This week: The Oregon legislature has approved additional rent assistance funding and extended the eviction moratorium, and the Portland metro area sets a new record for multifamily sales volume.
Duration: 07:12
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch – December 13th, 2021
This week we have an update on Oregon Rental Assistance, Market Report for Seattle, and have some highlights from Multi-family NW Rental Survey.
Duration: 06:53
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - December 6, 2021
This week: Oregon’s Governor calls for a special session on evictions; property sellers remain in the best position in the last 15 years, and we’ve got an update on the student housing market.
Duration: 07:46
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - November 22, 2021
This week: U.S. vacancy rates and rents break records, multifamily housing construction rose in October, and Oregon toys with extending the eviction moratorium once again.
Duration: 05:42
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - November 15, 2021
This week: Build-to-rent single family homes are picking up steam, and what’s the impact of the infrastructure bill on multifamily?
Duration: 06:44
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - November 8, 2021
This week: Portland’s real estate reputation trends up, construction spending turns down, and the predicted national rise in evictions has yet to materialize.
Duration: 06:08
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - October 25, 2021
This week: how people in commercial real estate feel about the future; Oregon finally makes progress in distributing rental assistance, and - is this is a good time to own an apartment building? All that and more in our podcast.
Duration: 08:33
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - October 18, 2021
This week: apartment rent payments are slowing as the pandemic wears on; the nation’s shortage of housing affecting all price points and rent and vacancy trends for Oregon and SW Washington.
Duration: 06:37
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - October 11, 2021
This week: supply chain issues causing construction delays, rents across the country spike, and a Portland rental market update.
Duration: 08:11
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - October 4, 2021
This week, Washington State and Washington County in Oregon extend eviction moratoriums; Seattle home prices show their biggest ever 12-month gains; and why multifamily is still the most favored asset class.
Duration: 07:08
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - September 27, 2021
This week: Renters call for a special legislative session; the city of Portland sets up a mediation program for landlords and tenants facing eviction; and a look at how luxury apartments impact low-income renters.
Duration: 06:37
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - September 20, 2021
This week: How landlords are faring during the pandemic, how collection issues affect rent growth, and an update on the distribution of rental assistance in Oregon.
Duration: 07:50
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - September 13, 2021
This week: rents grow at historical levels, and multi-family investors remain attracted to Portland.
Duration: 04:47
HFO Multifmaily Marketwatch - August 30, 2021
This week: the U.S. supreme court orders an end to the CDC’s eviction ban and the latest status on the distribution of rental assistance.
Duration: 09:14
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch – August 23, 2021
This week we discuss the Eviction Moratorium from a landlord perspective, OR and WA are in the top 25 markets for rent growth, and 2020 Census data is coming out and shows the effects of lack of housing production in OR and WA.
Duration: 06:53
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - August 16, 2021
This week: investors urged to continue lobbying in support of 1031 exchanges, how multifamily fares despite looming evictions, and a covid update for Oregon and Washington.
Duration: 07:12
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - August 9, 2021
This week: the CDC extends the national eviction moratorium until October 3, lumber prices soar in Washington State, and Oregon finally expands zoning for multifamily housing.
Duration: 07:04
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - August 2, 2021
This week: Single-family homebuilders try out the rental sector; economists forecast improving conditions ahead, and is owning commercial real estate a hedge against inflation?
Duration: 05:34
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - July 26, 2021
This week: Rent growth returns throughout the country and in the Pacific Northwest
Duration: 05:34
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - July 19, 2021
This week: apartment financing is expected to increase in the final half of this year; rent prices soar in Oregon and across the country, and the U.S. housing market starts to shift as newly listed homes surpass 2019 levels.
Duration: 06:59
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - Monday, July 12, 2021
This week: Apartment developers are eyeing market discounts on closed hotels, and spiking lumber prices affect the ability to construct affordable housing.
Duration: 07:35
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - July 6, 2021
This week: Investment dollars target the U.S. Apartment Market; homes in Seattle are selling quickly at $100- to $300 thousand over listed rates, and Portland State University researchers estimate Oregon may need to spend billions in the years ahead for the downstream consequences of potential evictions.
Duration: 05:37
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - June 28, 2021
This week: Oregon passes legislation supporting tenant relief and landlord compensation, and eviction moratoriums are extended at the federal level and in Oregon and Washington state.
Duration: 06:53
Multifamily Marketwatch Podcast - June 21, 2021
The Seattle City Council takes aim at landlord property rights; the national association of realtors reports the U.S. needs 6.8 million more homes, and jobless claims spike as America’s economic recovery slows.
Duration: 05:22
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - Monday - June 14, 2021
This week: the potentially devastating economic impact of eliminating 1031 exchanges; inflation fears pick up, and the Oregon legislature takes steps to expand options for affordable housing.
Duration: 05:22
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - June 7, 2021
This week: Oregon opens its landlord compensation fund for the final round of applications; construction material price increases causing higher costs, and rents are rising across the country as pandemic pricing comes to an end.
Duration: 05:40
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - Tuesday, June 1, 2021
This week: The $40 billion in rent relief headed to states; $318 billion of proposed housing and tax credits in President Biden’s infrastructure plan; economists predicting a post-pandemic boom, and soaring lumber costs are slowing construction.
Duration: 04:56
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - May 24, 2021
This week: Oregon's portal to apply for $204 million in funds for tenants (payable to landlords) for past-due rent is now open; Oregon Governor Kate Brown signs legislation giving tenants until Feb. 2022 to pay past-due rent, and Seattle has permitted tens of thousands of new units.
Duration: 04:17
HFO Multifamily Marketwatch - May 17, 2021
Washington state will now require just cause evictions for month-to-month leases; lawmakers in Oregon approve legislation giving tenants until February 28, 2022, to pay overdue rent accumulated during the pandemic.
Duration: 13:52

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