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HFO Services

What We Do and How We Work

We are exclusively focused on multifamily | apartments, multifamily development parcels, and mobile home parks. While our focus is laser-sharp, our service offerings are broad and comprehensive:  

Tailored Rental Investment Brokerage

Whether you come to us as a private, regional, or institutional client, we help secure the perfect apartment investment property for you. Similarly, we build a solid strategy for maximizing value on an existing investment or when approaching a particular disposition. Our brokers and support team handle the research, planning, marketing, negotiations, and more.

Research & Consultation

We have unique access to innovative online databases that allow our brokers and full-time analysts to locate real-time data on apartment, multifamily and mobile home park related research projects.

Valuation Services

We use the same modeling techniques as a professional apartment and mobile home park appraisers to help you approximate a commercial real estate investment's value without the expense of a full-blown appraisal. 

Institutional Brokerage - Multifamily | Apartments

Institutional transactions are complex and intricate. Our brokers and support team have the experience and unrivaled knowledge that institutions seek out.

Landlord Consulting & Advisory Services

We connect owners to the best apartment managers in the industry for any level of property management need, including:

    We cover everything: inspections, timelines, legal documentation, and related services.
  2. 1031 EXCHANGES
    We are experts at handling 1031 exchanges and will partner with an experienced accommodator.
    Cost segregation is one strategy for tax deferral. As part of our effort to build your legacy and generate cash flow, we will counsel you when relevant and connect you to an expert.

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