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Central City 2035 Plan

December 5, 2017
Authors: Jennifer Shuch, HFO Research Analyst
Publishers: HFO Apartment Investor Newsletter

The Central City 2035 Plan is an ambitious agenda set by the City of Portland to determine a city land use and transportation policy that will support increasing population. It is part of the larger 2035 Comprehensive Plan, and covers myriad planning elements including building heights, density, transportation, river views and usage, job growth, and zoning.

The project’s goals include increasing the density of the central core of Portland to reduce car usage and increase “urban vitality.” A central goal of the project is to increase central city resilience to future economic downturns and to serve vulnerable communities.

The City Council also hopes to increase the number of jobs located in the Central City area. Though the area designated as the Central City only covers 3% of the city’s land, the Council believes it can accommodate 30% of the region’s growth by 2035. They believe the area could include 38,000 more households, and 51,000 more jobs. They also aim to decrease car traffic and boost the central city’s walkability, bike and transit access.

The State of Oregon Department of Land Use and Conservation has approved the plan, and the Portland City Council plans to hold hearings to discuss the plan on January 18th, 2018 with a final vote likely taking place in March. 

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