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Government Affairs Alert - Oregon

July 8, 2017

Housing providers are invited to show financial support in the fight against rent control and other over-reaching governmental regulations of the housing market in the following ways:

  • Support the Multifamily Defense Fund. This fund supports (a) ongoing legislative lobbying in Salem over proposed rental legislation; (b) a public education campaign; (c) providing media training for landlords on how to work with the media; (d) legal work and (e) conducting research and providing results of our research to lawmakers so they are working with actual data. Click here to donate. Donations to this fund are not disclosed to the public, although donors are not prohibited from self-disclosing.
  • Support the Equitable Housing PAC. The Equitable Housing PAC supports legislative candidates who understand the concerns of landlords and developers in the effort to increase the housing supply without adding further restrictions on an open market. Click here to donate. All contributions to this fund are available to the public.


House Bill 2004 was a short-sighted fix that was not a practical long-term solution for either tenants or multifamily owners. Our population continues to grow every day and we need more housing.

We believe Oregon’s housing crisis can only be solved with state and local governments working together to encourage construction of adequate affordable and market-rate housing. Unfortunately not much was accomplished along those lines, as House Bill 2007 which would have required fast-tracking of affordable housing projects within 100 days was also defeated.

HFO will continue to monitor and inform investors of political developments through our events, videos, and e-mail blasts.

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